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About 10% of the adults suffers from a particular sleeping disorder. Sleeping disorders may have all kinds of unpleasant consequences, both for the individual and for his or her environment. Therefore, in the SleepCare project we investigate automated and personalized self-help therapies in the field of sleeping disorders.


The project focuses in particular on insomnia, i.e. a persistent difficulty initiating and/or maintaining sleep. A computerized coaching system will be developed that assists a person in sleep improving exercises on a personal basis. T
he final version of the sleep coach will make use of mobile applications (apps) on a smartphone.


In the next four years, we periodically review our ideas about sleep coaching in smaller studies with actual users. For this we need your help! If you register as a participant, you will occasionally be approached to participate in the study. For example, we may ask you to try out an application for mobile phones, participate in a discussion group or in an interview. When you are invited for a particular part of the research, you always have the possibility to reject or accept the invitation. Of course, your personal information will be treated and protected with the utmost care. More information regarding the handling of your data can be found in our privacy policy (in Dutch).


The Sleepcare project is a collaboration between research groups of the University of Utrecht and Delft University of Technology. Sleepcare is supported by Philips, Stichting Technische Wetenschappen (STW), and Nationaal Initiatief Hersenen en Cognitie (NIHC).


For more information and questions please contact Robbert-Jan Beun via